Your Guide To A Week-Long Great Mood

Monday to Friday is a work-ridden, commute-filled drudgery. In comes the weekend, with fun, parties or maybe just lounging around. The weekend rounds up and it’s back to work, as the cycle repeats itself over and over again. 

For some people, that’s an incredible way of life. And our philosophy here is to always do what makes you happy. So if that’s what you like, you have our full support. 👍

For others, things ought to be better than that. Monday shouldn’t be a day to dread, Tuesday shouldn’t be bland, Wednesday shouldn’t feel like a halfway point, Thursday shouldn’t feel like a stopover to Friday. Why can’t things be better? 

Well, friend, they can. 

Let’s Get One Thing Straight…

There’s more to life than living for the weekend and, frankly, life is too short to enjoy only two days out of seven. We might throw around phrases like “positive vibes” and “finding your zen” every so often. And, yes, we might have a slight millennial bend. But we assure you, we’re intensely practical. 

Work isn’t always going to be enjoyable. Drama happens, bosses can be annoying and people sometimes just suck. We don’t believe that’s enough reason to accept having a bad day, let alone a bad week. No one ever arrived at happiness by obsessing over the things they can’t change. 

You might be looking to change jobs, switch to a different career or move to a different city. If where you are isn’t working for you, packing up is a great idea. But that’s not something you can do instantly. Remember, we’re practical😉. We even have a guide or two on getting stuff like that done. 

At the same time, we’ll be damned if you’re going to be sad all that while. Not on our watch! You can be happy while you change things. And if you’re in a position where you can’t see a way to change things, that’s all the more reason to get happy now.

Here’s our guide to having a great week, even when it feels like life’s flinging a little 💩 at you.

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Time For Some Planning 

Plan The Fun Stuff

How do you like to spend your time? As long it’s safe and healthy for you and everyone around you, we give it our emoji of approval👍.

Try making a list of the things you like to do. It can be something like this:

  • Exercising 
  • Watching movies and series
  • Writing
  • Reading 
  • Arts and crafts
  • Walking the dog

Once you’ve got that down, spread those activities throughout the week. If something takes a lot of time, like arts and crafts, match that with a day when you don’t have a lot going on at work and with your other commitments. 

You can sneak in a movie or a TV episode on a busy day, since that’s passive and can sometimes take less than an hour. 

Decide what you’ll be doing each day after work and you’ll have something to look forward to. The anticipation is scientifically proven to increase happiness. 

Sure, Susan’s in a bad mood again today but it’s walk-my-dog Tuesday and I’ll focus on that instead.

Plan The Work Stuff

Work’s fun for some people. For others, not so much. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’ll find it a lot better if you do a little scheduling. 

Chances are you don’t like Monday (they’re not so bad), and there’s no need to make yourself like it even less by having to deal with the previous week’s backlog. If you plan your work well, there are higher chances that you’ll finish it by the end of the week. 

More than that, you’ll feel in control, and that does wonders for your mood. 

Let’s keep going. 

Learn Some Simple Relaxation Techniques

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If you need to, print out a list of easy relaxation exercises you can do anytime and keep them posted to your computer screen. We can’t always plan for little stressful occurrences life throws at us, but responding immediately and calmly is among the best things we can do. 

Easy ways to relax include:

When you start to feel a little tension, those tricks can help. And you’ll find that little bumps in the road don’t have to derail your whole day. You can have tens of them and still lie in bed at night and think what a great day it was. 

There you go: easy peasy ways to maintain a week-long great mood. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out the first week. Try the second. And the third. We’re always adding tested ways to keep you happy on the blog. And if you’re on the mailing list, we stop by every once in a while to share some practical tips for maintaining your happiness. 

How To Feel Better On Your Sunday

Probably the most universal feeling on a Sunday is the dread of going back to work. Yep, we’ve been there. It’s like a rotten cherry on top of a tasty weekend sundae – get it? It’s just not a great cycle, though. We can only live so long feeling bogged down on Monday, then feeling slightly better on Tuesday, getting into the groove of things on Wednesday and getting mildly excited about Friday on Thursday. 

Friday’s the happiest day of the week for most of us – TGIF, right? – because we’re anticipating Saturday. Saturdays can be pretty fun, then we’re right back to Sunday, anxious about Monday again. 

That’s typical for most of us, but you can make your Sunday a lot better in very few practical steps. It’s all about the mindset. Let’s go over a thing or two to get you feeling great on this not-so-bad-if-you-think-about-it Sunday. Ready?

Do Something You Enjoy 

watching netflix movie

This is the whole reason why we like weekends; they give us time to do what we like. When you really think about it, Sundays aren’t bad days in and of themselves, it’s just how we think about them. Reframe your Sunday as a full free day when you can do things you like, just as much as any Saturday. 

There’s a slight limit to that. If you like going out, for example, you won’t be able to do that quite as much as you can on a Saturday, especially since you’ve got to be up in the morning and well-rested for the workday. 

But there are things you can do on Sunday to end your weekend on a great note and consequently lift your mood. A great tip for wellbeing is planning your week practically around your hobbies and the things you like to do. 

If there’s a series you like to watch, or a video game you enjoy playing, or a park you like to take walks in, save for that for your Sunday. Looking forward to that activity takes up your mental space and leaves no room for Monday anxiety. 

Get Down To The Nitty-Gritties

For many of us, Monday anxiety is a broad feeling. We know we hate that tomorrow’s going to be a Monday, but we can’t pinpoint why exactly. Time to ask ourselves a few questions:

What Do You Hate About Monday?

Is it the fact that you have to wait a whole five days until the next weekend? Or maybe there’s something you don’t like about work, like a particular person you sit across or how much heavier the workload is at the start of the week.

Try getting to the bottom of it. Instead of having it as an obscure but overbearing feeling, break it down into countable things you’re not looking forward to. When you’ve done that, you can take practical steps to address those things. More on that in a minute. 

Is There Anything You Like About Monday?

We know that’s a hard question to ask when your mind has solidified into the thinking that Mondays are irredeemably bad days. Try as hard as you can to answer this, though: what can I actually enjoy about Monday? 

At least for some of us, there can be some pretty good answers to that question that we’ve been overlooking all along. We might be surprised to find that we like the company we have at work, or that the heavy workload gives us a really nice feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. 

Now that we’ve asked the questions, here come the answers. 

Enjoy Your Monday 

When it comes to your mental wellbeing, you need to make things happen. We’re here to help you with that but at the end of the day, a little effort on your part is necessary. Considering how much better you’ll feel, it’s totally worth it. 

That’s true for your Mondays, too. If there’s something you enjoy about Mondays but you’d never realized that because your initial instinct was to hate them, how about you start focusing on those things now? If it’s a morning chat with a coworker, start looking forward to that more, and strengthening your friendship. 

You could even make it something you do after work. Maybe there’s a show you really like to watch; start reserving it for Mondays. Tinker with your usual schedule until you position something you look forward to on that (not anymore) dreaded first day of the week.

Plan The Day 

plan your day

We don’t peddle magic, but this trick works almost supernaturally. If you’re thinking about your day and it looks like chaos, take just fifteen minutes and a notepad and pen to structure it. 

Answer these questions:

  • What time are you going to wake up?
  • How long will it take you to get ready?
  • When will you get to work?
  • Are you going to have a tea/coffee?
  • Do you have a meeting?
  • What’s your first task for the day and how long will that take? 
  • Throw in something you like here eg. chat with a friend, Reddit scroll etc
  • Are you done with the first task now or moving on to the next?

The most important thing to remember here is that your plan doesn’t have to be perfect or militarily precise. It’s all about feeling in control of your day. Even if things don’t go according to plan, you have an idea of what comes after what, and that does wonders for how you feel. Try it. 

Mondays don’t have to be so bad after all. We hope you’ll get through yours just fine, and come back to the comments to tell us how it went. If you find yourself getting a little stressed out during the day, feel free to take a stroll around these parts and find the MANY relaxation tips we advise; we’re always adding more. We’ll be in touch. Have a great week!